The first choice for comprehensive and fully integrated cloud based software solutions in Sales, Lettings and Property Management 


Aspasia Web was launched in 2001 and was the first fully Internet based totally integrated solution for agents in the UK involved in residential sales, lettings and/or property management. Over the years Aspasia has continually been developed and has accrued a reputation for being a powerful and reliable solution for agencies of all sizes. Aspasia Web is designed for use with Microsoft's Word and Internet Explorer for generating printed correspondence.

Introduced 10 years later, Aspasia Cloud is radically different and is a true "Cloud" based product which will work within any browser on any Internet connected device whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone and on any operating system. Unlike any other competitor product it is fully integrated with Google Apps and it is this integration that makes it so powerful and is why we call it Aspasia "Cloud".
Both products are based on Oracle which is generally accepted as the world's most powerful database engine and neither products will realistically ever have any practical limitations in terms of speed, size or scope.

Aspasia and Aspasia Cloud share the same levels of functionality and scope. What differs is the way in which much of this is delivered. Aspasia has a traditional approach albeit via a web based interface whereas Aspasia Cloud offers an additional level of communication and information sharing using new digital based opportunities.


Scope & Functionality

Aspasia Web and Aspasia Cloud can be used by agents involved with Residential Sales or Lettings and has great benefit where companies are involved with both disciplines and wish to share common information without any data duplication whatsoever. Client Accounting maintains the highest professional standards whilst Property Managent is extremely comprehensive and highly automated in the interests of business efficiency.

The range of functionality for both disciplines is truly extensive. Being 100% web based geography is taken out of the equation and agents are able to adopt new business models if they wish to do so. This latter opportunity is particularly true with Aspasia Cloud where significant online activity and interaction with customers and suppliers can be deployed if so desired.  

Aspasia Cloud Informational Series

We are publishing an ongoing series of articles in the highly regarded and quality industry magazine PropertyDrum. These articles are written largely for agency owners and managers who need to make critical long term decisions about the future of their businesses. Many of these articles focus on the trends and environmental pressures likely to influence agencies as they adjust to a rapidly changing digital economy. More.....

A Totally New Product

We are now experiencing a real change in the world of Information Technology. The next few years will see us moving further away from desktop computing and into the new era of cloud computing. This is not just a term to describe access to software applications via the web, indeed these have been around for 10 years or more. 

What we are seeing now is a world where the type of hardware you use is largely irrelevant, where operating systems are replaced by the Internet, where applications and their associated data reside on the web and are looked after by professionals, where the boundaries between computers and devices such as mobile phones become blurred, where printed output becomes almost redundant and where we are all constantly connected to the Internet. A world where we can conduct our business whenever and wherever we want. 

Aspasia Cloud is not just an upgrade. There really is no other product that is so completely engineered for today's digital age and long term agency success. It is totally new and has been created to provide agents with a path into the new digital era where success will rely on innovation and change.